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Below are a number of publications and broadcasters I have worked with, or been quoted by. Links are provided where a sample is available online. You can also contact me for further details.


Radio stations I have produced for or presented with include Classic Hits 4FM, Sunshine 106.8 and Voice FM. These are generally not about travel, but radio shows with a broad appeal, including entertainment shows, current affairs shows and sports shows.

Details of these are available here.


The following examples are only about travel. Some of them are examples of me providing statements based on serious research, others are me being invited to comment on travel-transport developments, and some are an irreverent/humorous take on how people behave. These statements are published either in my name, or as editor of MSO. This list is not exhaustive.


I tend to build websites from the ground up. As well as MSO, I created local history website 20th Century Fareham.

Tedious about the author bit

Travel historian, presenter, producer. I love the places people pass through along their journey.

I research and write about how our need to get around continues to shape our world through roads, railways, airports and whole new towns.

My thoughts and/or research have been published by the likes of Truck & Driver, BBC local radio, Daily Express, The Guardian, Mail Online and The Independent (detail).

I can't tell you how many toll booths I've been through. But it's a lot of toll booths.

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Any similarities with real-life events or wealthy international firms is probably coincidental. No products endorsed. I'm powered by Monster Munch.

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