Radio Work

Radio Work

I have a BA (Hons) in 'Journalism & Visual Media' and have worked in radio, in either a voluntary or paid position, for most of my adult life. The radio industry may be changing fast but it will always have a place in my heart.

Below is a small selection of clips from shows I have been involved in, partially to give some idea of the variety of these projects, but mostly to cause extreme embarassment in a couple of decades times.

For those wondering how I speak, I grew up in a small town deep within southern England, where we sound extremely posh with a small hint of farmer-y ("ooh-argh"). Having spent a lot of time in a large city ("innit") and in northern England ("ey-up"), the worst of the posh-ness has now evaporated, but it doesn't take too much to bring it back. You could probably date each of these clips based on how long my vowels are.


I presented the breakfast show for several years on Southampton's 103.9 Voice FM. Some links are included below.



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Traffic bulletin

Although I am at my happiest engaging in conversation, I am more than familiar with serious features. This traffic bulletin was recorded for AA Roadwatch.


I do enjoy the co-presenter experience, especially when paired with a more experienced presenter I can learn from. I take the role seriously, considering when it is best to keep quiet and let the presenter make their point, and when it is best to interrupt and play the role of an irritant.

I take a number of approaches depending on the time and style of the show, and whether I'm intending to provoke a response from the audience and/or the presenter or not.

This clip was broadcast on The Breakfast Show on Ireland's Classic Hits 4FM, the morning after England's victory against Sweden and the celebrations which involved fans climbing buses and vandalising buses.

This clip was broadcast on The Late Show on Classic Hits 4FM.

This clip was broadcast on the Breakfast Show on Voice FM.

This feature was part of a series broadcast on the Breakfast Show on Classic Hits 4FM.

This clip was broadcast on the Breakfast Show on Voice FM.

This clip was broadcast on The Late Show on Classic Hits 4FM.


I'm not going to upload shows I've produced as it would just be hours of calls being put through to the talk show and other shows. However, below is one edition of the Breakfast Show on Classic Hits 4FM, where I produced the features, managed the social media and put calls through to air.

Even more clips

Other studio videos

Tedious about the author bit

Radio producer and travel historian. I write about travel patterns, urban development, heavy machinery and lists.

I love the places people pass through along their journey, and societies that have been shaped by our need to get around.

Producer experienced with entertainment and talk shows (detail) with an attitude described as "amusingly surly".

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