Hello there

Hello there

My name is Johnathan Randall, because I was told never to introduce myself with a nickname.

I am a travel historian. I study and write about how our need to get around continues to shape our world through roads, railways, airports and whole new towns. I love the non-places we pass through along a journey and the effort that goes into catering for people who just want to get a move on.

I am much happier speaking and writing about these things than I was when I was working in the offices of several transport organisations. I will occasionally share what I learned during those times. More generally, my travel thoughts and/or research have been used by the likes of Truck & Driver, BBC local radio, Daily Express, The Guardian, The Independent, Mail Online and Daily Mirror (detail). I am a radio producer experienced with entertainment and talk shows.

While I do occasionally share some of this work on here, it's best to contact me for the full details.

The rest of this page is a much more generic blog, covering my love for media, travel, amusing signs, post codes and lists. It is largely irreverent and mostly outdated.

There are billions of websites on the internet. Thank you for clicking on my one.

I need to sort this mess of a site out. In the meantime, here's the rel links: Mastodon UK Mastodon IE

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Any similarities with real-life events or wealthy international firms is probably coincidental. No products endorsed. I'm powered by Monster Munch.

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