A Visit To The Mount Hospital

A Visit To The Mount Hospital

I have a slight fascination with abandoned buildings, so was pleasantly surprised when I found out I had one near me. I think they look amazing, and inside are often a time-warp into what they were like on their last day of operation.

The Mount Hospital and Bishopstoke House were two small facilities on the outskirts of Eastleigh, Hampshire. They were focused on rehabilitation for elderly patients and many smaller services. They were closed as part of cost-cutting and centralisation measures in the mid-2000s. Abandoned hospitals are a special kind of eerie.

Both have since been replaced by houses, so this is one of few mementos we have left.

This is the first and probably only time I've had access to the inside of an abandoned building. As it turns out, urban exploration is scary. It sounds obvious, but with the windows all boarded up, the only daylight comes from gaps in the roof. The floor was littered with evidence of locals using it as a sheltered hideout. A gravel pathway passing the site provided the only sound. I'm a whimp.

The smaller building (The Mount Hospital), easily accessed from the top floor via a former fire exit, seemed particularly unsound. The taller one (Bishopstoke House) was built around a weak staircase, but perversely felt safer thanks to all the gaps in the roof.

Below is a large photo gallery hosted on Facebook - click to go through to it.

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