Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Once upon a time I made light of privacy policies for small websites like this, because I always thought I'm telling you I'm not abusing your data and that's all that should matter. In light of recent events, I've re-thought that policy, and now provide you with some more detail.

When emailing me, your are asked for your name and email address to allow me to reply. Your details will not be passed on. Except for serious circumstances, the content of your message will always be kept private.

This website has no membership system, so I never ask for any of your profile or login data. That said, I do embed elements from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which allow you to interact with this website via those platforms if you want to. When doing this your data is handled by them and not seen by me. Their normal privacy policy that you agreed when you joined them will apply, meaning that the public aspects of your profile and your message will be visible if you leave a public comment with us.

As with the majority of websites, I use Google Analytics to monitor web traffic. This allows me to see which pages are popular, but does not disclose any personal or identifying detail.

Many of these features also require cookies to be set. I ( use cookies to personalise content (such as remembering when you've logged in) and ads (where applicable); to provide social media features and to improve the user experience by analysing how people use the site. My social media, advertising and analytics partners may use and combine this information with other services you have used by them. Ironically, I have to set a cookie in order to hide that annoying cookies notice which everyone ignores.

Examples of these partners include Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Facebook, Twitter and AddThis.

All common browsers allow you to refuse these cookies with little action required. Cookies are best explained by the website Cookies & You, or by Google's own policy. Please consult your browser's manual or a search engine to see how refuse, remove or ignore cookies - although note that nearly all websites will try to set cookies for you, even if they aren't as honest about it.

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