The one about the blogger and the café

The one about the blogger and the café

You've probably heard of the battle between the Dublin-based White Moose Cafe and YouTuber Elle Darby.

Basically, the hotel which is named after a cafe took to Facebook to 'out' the YouTuber and shame her for her ridiculous request for a free stay in return for "exposure".

Unfortunately, the internet hate mob decided to identify the blogger (as the cafe didn't give her name) and tell her what a terrible person she is. Meanwhile, the YouTuber's fans decided to contact the hotel and tell them how terrible they are.

Make no mistake, people who ask others to work for free are disgusting. Elle should know this, she's a young person in a media-related industry, she has probably chased hundreds of interesting jobs only to discover they are unpaid. "You'll get great exposure", they say, like exposure is a currency you can pay the bills in.

So the lesson we've learned is that it's OK to ask the millennial to work for free, but they are wrong if they think that means they can ask the same of others.

I'm sure the White Moose Cafe treats its employees well and it has every right to expect its customers to, too. I've got no problem with them highlighting a very serious problem that is people expecting small businesses to work for free.

But the supposedly naive, young one who has managed to make a name for themselves by following an established business model shouldn't be taking all the blame for a crime which many big names are committing, including other hoteliers and restaurants.

It's really simple. Bloggers should pay for their stay. If they can't afford it then sadly they probably aren't as influential as they may like to think.

Bloggers and YouTubers would do well to remember that no matter how popular they may be, occasionally they will bump in to someone who is better at marketing than they are. In steps Paul Stenson, the owner of the hotel and an excellent marketing manager who has bought both of them more publicity than they could ever dream of.

This brings me to my final question, Paul. I've mentioned the White Moose Cafe a few times today and was wondering whether we could talk about my upcoming visit.

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