Why men need to stop talking about sexual harassment

Why men need to stop talking about sexual harassment

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein story, I've been wanting to write a post about sexual harassment. It is a complicated topic which affects everyone and is what people are talking about, but beyond a couple of predictable empty platitudes, it's hard to think of what I can say.

Clearly I'm not the only one - various high-profile men have been using their platforms to add their opinions to the discussion. And most of them have come out of it looking foolish.

The reason for all this seems pretty obvious: our views aren't needed.

Misogyny and patriarchy exist because men have silenced women for thousands of years. Just this once, women should be allowed to tell their story without men interrupting them to point out that not all men are like this.

Many years before this received as much attention as it does now, I have been fascinated by conversations with women about how harassment has affected them. But the debate doesn't need me to tell their stories for them; it needs us all to sit down and let them speak for ourselves.

Men absolutely have a roll to play in this subject. We all need to be part of a force for change. But we can be supportive, inspiring and understanding without believing our opinions on the topic are somehow more important than the issue itself.

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