Rio to be 'COLDER THAN IRELAND' this week as Europe sweats

Rio to be 'COLDER THAN IRELAND' this week as Europe sweats

People in Rio de Janeiro were DISTRAUGHT to hear that their city is going to be colder than Ireland this week.

Brazil's balmy capital, which is currently in the middle of its winter season, is feeling the chill with temperatures of only 18℃, right now, at 02:34am.

Rio resident Lucas Harrison quit his late-night party to tell reporters, "I can't believe Ireland is going to be hotter than Rio next week - I'm going to pack my trunks and head for Balbriggan!"

Airline Avianca is warning passengers arriving at Rio airport to be prepared for long queues, as it experiences a surge in demand to leave Brazil.

Spokesperson David Santos said "many customers are choosing to start their holiday early, arriving wearing Irish fancy dress and pre-ordering traditional Irish meals for the flight".

Others have been seen carrying large bottles of water and sun-tan lotion, products which are expected to fall into short supply soon.

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