Why Radio 1's RAJAR figures don't matter

Why Radio 1's RAJAR figures don't matter

Every 4 months RAJAR starts the debate about why BBC Radio 1 performs so poorly. I'm really bored of hearing 40 year old assistant bankers logging on to the internet to tell us they know what the problem is.

Yes, it's not like it was in your day. That's because it's aimed at 15-24 year olds who don't want to hear your favourite Beatles tracks but thanks for your suggestion, Iain.

For some reason the "bring back Tony Blackburn" brigade never seem to investigate why the viewing figures for Blue Peter are so low. Other than because that's turgid viewing, it may also be because traditional media is struggling to maintain the attention of younger demographics.

For the most part this post-moterm isn't driven by a genuine concern for how younger people consume media, but is being ran by people with an agenda against everything the BBC does. I'm surprised they don't suggest a weekly phone-in called 'Shame A Remainer'.

I'm not saying the BBC shouldn't be worried about the figures. Even though they exist to provide a service and not to break records, I'm sure they would prefer it if people were listening to the content they produce. I'm just suggesting the stations adopts a slogan of "Radio 1: if you don't like it, you're too old, bye".

I do have one idea but I'm not writing it here because I will charge £2.45 for it, and also because I'm only-just within the station demographic and now I'm going to look like a hypocrite.

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