If I were rich I'd buy the M6 Toll

If I were rich I'd buy the M6 Toll

Motorway toll booth

With another record-breaking Euromillions win, I should explain that I regularly dream about being rich. Day-to-day I like to think my behaviour wouldn't change - I'd still shop in Tesco - but I find the security that wealth offers really attractive. You could bumble around without a care in the world. Occasionally I will dream of what it would be like to own a significant piece of land, but that's the SimCity part of my brain doing the talking.

I am a very charitable man though. There are many causes deserving support and it seems difficult to imagine exactly who you would help when the budget is still finite.

For me though the charity of choice is a simple one. Having spent many afternoons stuck in stationary traffic on the M6 in the West Midlands, I read with delight this week that the M6 Toll motorway is going up for sale. If I were rich enough, I'd buy the road like a shot.

Charitable? Well I'd let you use it for free.

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