Ant & Dec's crew: please stop laughing every 5 seconds

Ant & Dec's crew: please stop laughing every 5 seconds

Is anybody else fed up - and a bit confused - at the way the camera crew on I'm A Celebrity will howl with laughter every single time Ant & Dec open their mouths?

It's not important enough to say it's "irritating", but it is irritating enough to say it's silly.

In the early days of I'm A Celebrity, the crew used to be totally silent, and when something really funny happened you'd hear them trying not to laugh. That was funny. It's like when you and a friend see something funny and because they're trying not to laugh you want to laugh even more. It's hilarious.

Sadly, having the crew sarcastically guffaw at every single sentence doesn't do the same thing. It has the opposite effect. It takes all the fun out.

I'd love to know why this actually happens. Ant & Dec generally have high production standards - they tend to work on big budget shows - and I can't imagine them saying "we're feeling a bit sensitive, can you massage our egos with applause even if it looks ridiculous?"

But why else would it happen? Most Ant & Dec shows involve a live studio audience. It's what they do. They make each other laugh and that makes more people laugh. It's great. But if they can't read a script without getting fake gratification from their colleagues, maybe this isn't the right show for them?

I don't think it can be that. If that was the problem, there would be ways of solving it without going over-the-top.

No, I think the only reason the crew is being asked to fake laugh at every sentence is that nobody has put their hand up and told them it's stupid.

It is stupid. It adds nothing to the show. It's patronising. It's as if the crew have been whispering to each other that the audience won't know it was a joke unless it's followed by a fake laugh.

It's a strange thing to do. I was going to try to think of a really meaningful or witty way to round this whole bit off, but then I remembered I need to do only one thing:

Give myself a round of applause.

If you want to tell me I'm wrong or just leave anonymous abuse like half the internet seems to do these days, please use the comments box below.

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