Why are England fans so violent?

Why are England fans so violent?

I was embarrassed by the news showing England fans across the country engaging in vandalism to celebrate the England football team progressing.

Mostly because I had just been talking about how England's worst hooliganism days are behind them.

I know some people have seen the footage of people surfing on top of buses and have celebrated it as a bit of harmless fun, and asking if we are even allowed to have fun any more. The answer is no, of course we aren't.

Seriously, our emergency services are stretched to the limit, and it is extremely insensitive to expect them to send out several vehicles to the middle of town to wait for you to fall of the roof of a bus. Even if those emergency services couldn't have been helping colleagues elsewhere, they deserve a well-earned evening off for once.

Why do England fans get so angry about sport? I have a couple of theories.

One is that England has some of the most aggressive press coverage in the world, who routinely publish headlines about how foreigners are dangerous and inferior. Therefore it shouldn't be a surprise that when England do come ahead of some foreigners at something, their followers go to great lengths to prove how superior they are.

Every country has people who are a national embarrassment. Not just in terms of vandalism, but media personalities, politicians and so on.

But it feels like only in England do we deal with somebody abhorrent by distancing ourselves from them as much as possible: "oh, I don't really like sport".

I don't really like sport. But if it's going to be filled with the notorious English hooligans, I feel that it needs lots of people like me to counter them. Sensible people need to stop backing away and start drowning them out.

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