Self-Isolation Community Helpers

Following announcements by the Irish and British governments at the end of March, it is time to reconsider how we go about helping our community.

I am incredibly grateful to all 8,000 people who offered to be part of this service, and especially those who were called on to help. You were an inspiration and have made a real difference.

I have always said that your safety must come first, and that's especially true during this crucial period of "flattening the curve".

I know many of you will still want to play an active role in your community. I'd urge you to speak to an official charity in your area to hear from them how you can make a difference while still staying safe.

Some useful resources include:

Disclaimer: while I have found some websites which look useful, I haven't vetted or endorsed them.

Thank you for still thinking of your neighbours during this difficult time. But please, make sure you're putting your own health first. Stay safe.

Updated 25 March 2020.