The grab bag posts are nothing to be afraid of

The grab bag posts are nothing to be afraid of

Public Service Announcement: the recent grab bag tweets are nothing to be afraid of!

Several UK police forces have posted weird tweets encouraging people to keep an emergency bag in case they need to leave home, as part of what they call "preparedness month". It all seems very American and insincere, and the advice seems medieval.

Given the genuine threats to public safety we're hearing about in the news, understandably people have found this announcement terrifying.

The good news is that there is no ominous secret message being sent here. Preparedness month is a very real thing, and the police tweet about it every year.

Here's an example of Thames Valley Police tweeting about grab bags exactly one year ago, and here's York City Council doing it in 2014.

You can ask questions about whether the message could be less creepy or even why we are taking part in this paranoid, Americanised event. You could also argue, if you want to, that the message is more pertinent than ever with everything that's going on.

But one thing is absolutely clear: these tweets go out in August/September every year and will go out regardless of what's happening in the news.

Here's the evidence:

If you want to tell me I'm wrong or just leave some anonymous abuse, please use the comments box below.

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