My Personal Bitcoin Disaster

My Personal Bitcoin Disaster

The internet is full of fake celebrity endorsements for Bitcoin investments. I can't give you celebrity, but I can share with you my personal Bitcoin story.

I'm a sucker for a good get-rich-quick scheme, because I am permanently dreaming. Problem is I tend to stumble upon get-rich-quick schemes after everybody else has already got rich.

That's what happened with Bitcoin, as I explained to PJ & Jim. If I buy, you sell.

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Radio producer and travel historian. I write about travel patterns, urban development, heavy machinery and lists.

I love the places people pass through along their journey, and societies that have been shaped by our need to get around.

Experienced entertainment and talk show producer. I can't tell you how many bad ideas I've had. But it's a lot of bad ideas.

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Any similarities with real-life events or wealthy international firms is probably coincidental. No products endorsed. I'm powered by Monster Munch.

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